Tubing Hanger with Pack-offs

ASTA Tubing Hanger with pack-offs allow the independent suspension and sealing of tubing strings, enabling simultaneous production or injection to or from separate zones. They require one or two aligning pins in the tubing head bowl and are compatible with both tubing heads.

Features and benefits:

  • Made of Min 60 K Yield Strength Alloy Steel Material, with oil resistance Nitrite Rubber for packing rubber.
  • Used where down-hole control lines or tubing manipulation are not required.
  • Fits to inside bowl Top Flange of Tubing Spool and API Standard Box Top & Bottom Connection with provision for ESP, flat reda cable.
  • Working pressure 3,000 psi and 250º F working temperature.
  • Available in various sizes and types.
Table 1: Tubing Hanger Part List
Item Descriptions Part No. Material Qty Req’d
1 Hanger Body TH-01.1 60 K. Yield Strgth. 1
2 Inner Ring TH-01.2 60 K. Yield Strgth. 2
3 Outer Ring TH-01.3 60 K. Yield Strgth. 3
4 Seal Rubber TH-01.4 Nitrite Rubber 1
5 Cap Ring TH-01.5 AS – 60 K. YS 1
6 Socket Head Bolt TH-01.6 A193/194 5

Product Picture

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