Bow-Turbolizer Casing Centralizer

Asta Welded Bow-Turbolizer Centralizer is built with “turbolating” Fins added to the bow springs. The fins direction can be made in both right and left hand versions to assist in the uniform displacement of the cement. The Bow-Turbolizer Centralizer are supplied with integral set screws located in the lower collar or band to secure the Bow-Turbolizer Centralizer on the casing. Meet API Specification 10-D requirements for Starting, Running and Restoring Force in most casing and hole combinations.

The advantages of Bow-Turbolizer Centralizer:

  • Break up of cement and drilling fluids channeling.
  • Deflection of mud and cement toward washed-out sections of the well bore.
  • Improved filter cake removal.
  • Self-cleaning action which prevents the Bow-Turbolizer Centralizer from "balling-up".

Other size and specification are available upon request
(*) “L” is indicates for Left Hand and “R” for Right Hand.

Ordering Suggestions
To assure the correct size and type of equipment is obtained, please specify:
1. Casing O.D. on which the equipment will be used.
2. Hole size or casing I.D. in which the equipment will be placed.
3. Specify The Fin Direction Left or Right Hand.
4. Any restriction through which the equipment will be run.
5. If casing or tubing is externally "upset".

Product Picture

BowTurbolizer Casing Centralizer