Expansion Joint

ASTA Expansion Joint is a versatile expansion joint that can be used at standard temperatures, and is also designed to be dressed with seals for applications over 300°F. Placed above the packer, their telescoping design reduces the possibility of the tubing and completion equipment being deformed due to extreme temperature changes in the tubing string. ASTA expansion joints are equipped with specially machined, high-temperature, V-type seal rings with a unique anti-extrusion ring that prevents extrusion of the packing at elevated temperatures. These tools maintain the pressure integrity of the tubing and allow the string to safely expand and contract. The expansion joint can be manufactured to any length to suit operating requirements and to allow safe installation and retrieval of the tubing string and completion components

Features and benefits:

  • Withstands large temperature variations
  • Allows torque to be transmitted through joint
  • Eliminates potential leak paths
  • Reliable operation over temperature extremes
  • Safer installation and retrieval
  • Full-tubing ID through expansion joint
  • Manufactured to customer requirements
Table 1: Expansion Joint Part List
Item Descriptions Part No.
2-7/8 3-1/2
1 Splinted Mandrel : w/ Pin Thread Connection 27-280-01 35-280-01
2 Body : w/ Box Thread Connection 27-280-02 35-280-02
3 Body Head : Stopper Mandrel 27-280-03 35-280-03
4 Body Head : Latch-On Stopper spacer 27-280-04 35-280-04
5 Bar Key 27-280-05 35-280-05
6 Hex Set Screw 27-280-06 35-280-06
7 Seal Group 27-280-07 35-280-07
Table 2: Expansion Joint Product Specification:
Tubing Dimensional
Size (in) Weight (PPF) Min Casing Size Max. Tool OD (in) Drift Dia. (in) Stroke (ft)
OD (in) Weight (PPF)
2-7/8 6.5 5-1/2 15.50 4.000 2.347 4
3-1/2 9.3 6-5/8 20.00 5.000 2.867 8
*) other size and specification are available based on request

Product Picture

Thermal Expansion Joint