Lead Seal Packer

ASTA Lead Seal Packer is a drive-on production packer type that can be applied in the gravel pack completions job. It holds the gravel pack securely in place and serves as an isolation production packer. This product is run by applying weight with the setting string. Weight expands the pack offs against the casing wall. When runs in the well, the packer will hold securely against normal upward forces from tubing tension or pressure.

Features and benefits:

  • Easy running in the production tubing or string.
  • Eliminates upper production packer in the gravel pack completion job.
  • Isolate the production packer pack-off elements effectively .
  • Pull out tubing without disturbing the packer by slicking off and pulling straight up .
  • Prevent gravel pack sand to accumulate on the top screen .
  • No compressive load on the screen.
Table 1: Lead Seal Assy. Part List
Part Name Description Part No. Qty Req’d
1. Body Alloy steel 4130/4140, with strong left hand of square thread connection, to easy install with the tool. 2-100-14-1 1
2. Lead Seal 95% lead (pb), there are 8 pc lead seal, to assure that the production packer packoff elements isolate effectively. 2-100-14-2 8
3. Spacer Ring Alloy Steel 4130/4140, to leveling the Lead Seal. 2-100-14-3 1
4.Upper Gage Ring Alloy Steel 4130/4140, with Wicker Thread, to lock the lead packer when impacted by Swaging tool. 2-100-14-4 1
5. Lock Ring Alloy Steel 4130/4140, with Wicker Thread 2-100-14-5 1
6. Lock Pin Iron Lock Pin to secure the Lock Ring of the Body. 2-100-14-6 1
7. Bras Shear Pin Brass screw with approx. breaking point : 5000 lb. 2-100-14-7 4
Table 2: Lead Seal Product Specification:
Size Approx. Weight (kg) Max.Body O.D (in). Overall Length(in)d Seal Bore(in) P/N No.
ID Length
5-1/2 x 9-5/8 90 8500 26.00 9.00 9.00 2-100.14-5.500
6-5/8 x 10-3/4 100 9.625 26.00 10.50 9.00 2-100.14-6.625
Notes: *) other grade and size are available based on request

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