Centralizer Placement Software

Successful casing/liner running and proper placement of casing centralizers are necessary in obtaining a good primary cementing job. Based on provided well data, we can analyze and offer recommendations to make sure your centralizer placement are effective. Our computer modeling can predict drag, hook loads, optimum placement of centralizers, and maximum casing standoff.

Software Output includes:

  • 3D wellbore / 3D well path visualization.
  • Casing flotation and air section length optimization.
  • Torque and drag calculations.
  • Casing deflection and centralizer compression.
  • Latest casing bending models.
  • Constant spacing or minimum stand-off designs.
  • For each pipe, user can specify: (1) no centralizer, (2) constant spacing design, (3) minimum stand-off design.
  • Combination of bow-spring and rigid centralizers.
  • Tripping animation with drag / torque profiles.
  • Allows oil field, SI and customized units.

To ensure you get best and proper recommendation, please download this form, fill the required data, and send it back along with your enquiry to us.

Software Output Sample

Survey Casing Centralizer Calculation Side Force Graphic Standoff Graphic Tripping Animation 3D Parameter Visualization