Quality Management

ASTA commitment to quality standard is demonstrated thru the implementation of Quality Management System and API product specification standard. ASTA is an American Petroleum Institute - API registered and accredited firm which comply with world-wide quality standard and specification.

Astajaya NirwighnataIn order to sustain such a high force, high variable and high pressure environment in cementing process, the needs for a wide range of high quality cementing accessories product has become undoubtedly certain. In line with our primary goal and commitment, ASTA offers various ranges of products which are designed to be able to support various needs, and are manufactured to meet the highest industry quality standard requirement. To extent our commitment to quality even further, ASTA provide option for our customer to take benefit of field assistance from our qualified engineer.

Astajaya NirwighnataASTA quality measurement and management starts from the very beginning of product design and material selection phase and concluded as a warranty to our customer. After gone thru the accurate design and precise material selection engineering process, our product will be manufactured using hi-precision equipment in a standardized process framework which includes numbers of quality control checkpoint. Once produced, the product will need to endure and pass series of test conducted in our computerized testing facility before being handled for on-time shipment and handover to our customer. Yet, quality does not stop just there. ASTA post-assistance scheme is available to provide extended support to ensure successful product implementation.


Astajaya Nirwighnata Certification Astajaya Nirwighnata Certification Astajaya Nirwighnata Certification

Engineering & Design

ASTA products are thoughtfully designed, thoroughly engineered and precisely manufactured with the intention of providing better product to the market. In ASTA, it has been in our sense that proper and precise design and engineering is the first, yet important step of overall product manufacturing process.