Automatic Fill Up Float Shoe & Collar

Asta Automatic Fill Up (AFU) Poppet valve Float Shoe and Float Collar utilize the proven automatic filling feature. The Float Shoe and Float Collar offer a fixed radial area that allows fluid to enter the casing and seek its own height. This action lowers surge pressure on formations to minimum, reduces casing running time and minimizes the possibility of sticking. Casing can be circulated at any time at low rates, without having to convert the valve from the fill-up to the back-pressure mode.

Conversion from the fill-up to the back pressure mode can be accomplished at any time while casing is being run by introducing a predetermined flow rate to the shoes or collars.

Another advantage is if a decision is made right before the casing is about to be run in the hole that automatic filling equipment is not desirable, the valve can easily be converted manually by forcing the poppet valve to its fully open position and remove the sprig rubber. By doing this, the Shoes/Collars will require filling the casing from the top as it is run.

All advantages of the proven Asta AFU Poppet valve are made in compliance with API RP-10F. The valve area is constructed using high quality material and can be easily drilled by both PDC or Tri-cone rock bit.

Product Picture

Asta Auto Fill FS Opened Asta Auto Fill FS Closed