Cementing Casing Accesories

ASTA cementing accessories includes range of products serve as primary cementing equipment, which has been carefully designed and manufactured, accommodating the most essential factors in well cementing process. Throughout many years of service in the oil industry, consistent learning and development strategy ensure the outcome of matured products that exceeds the API specification.

Designed to fit in various well conditions, range from shallow to deep ones, our product guarantees proper fitting and centering in each casing or borehole. In an extraordinary situation where critical well conditions emerge, our flexibility in service allow our team of expert to propose alternative casing design, re-engineered to overcome the situation.

Made to comply with the API 10-D specification, our cementing accessories products are oblige to pass series of test before being marked ready to market. Our computerized testing facility assures real-time high accuracy result in different types of test of starting, running and restoring forces versus stand-off specification from API 10-D requirement.

ASTA casing centralizer incorporates range of products comprise of Bow Spring Casing Centralizer, Positive Casing Centralizer and Solid Rigid Centralizer. In order to cater various condition and requirements, we produce variety of products characterized by installation method, model and type. Our casing centralizer includes Slip On and Latch On type of installation method, Spiral and Straight model and Welded and Non Welded product type.

In concordance to the implementation of management quality system of API Q1 and ISO 9001:2000, the entire casing centralizer product line up are manufactured and managed with high quality assurance in regard to the API 10-D specification. Furthermore, our commitment to the market includes excellent delivery lead time policy made possible through a well-managed delivery process and appropriate stock level policy.

Table 1: Centralizer Performance
API Specifications 10-D Requirement
Casing Size in Inches Welded & Non Welded Centralizer
Starting Force (max.) Restoring Force (min.)
3-1/2 396 396
4 454 454
4-1/2 464 464
5 520 520
5-1/2 620 620
6-5/8 960 960
7 1040 1040
7-5/8 1056 1056
8-5/8 1440 1440
9-5/8 1600 1600
10-3/4 2040 1020
11-3/4 2160 1080
13-3/8 2440 1220
16 2600 1300
18-5/8 3500 1750
20 3760 1880

Product Lineup