Engineering & Design

ASTA products are thoughtfully designed, thoroughly engineered and precisely manufactured with the intention of providing better product to the market. In ASTA, it has been in our sense that proper and precise design and engineering is the first, yet important step of overall product manufacturing process. Our engineering and design team involve in an end-to-end process frameworks with the responsibility of carrying out critical roles from selecting high quality material, designing product blueprint, planning design consistency and conducting product functional and strength tests, all in compliance to both API Specification and API Recommended Practice.

Astajaya NirwighnataAs part of the engineering and design team, ASTA has an established production development unit which designs the repeated manufacturing process in order to be able to control production capacity level as well as to keep consistent product specification and quality outcome.

Each of ASTA products has gone thru proper research and development process which examine the applicable new technology and conduct theoretical design with cross reference to adequate amount of field data such as temperature, hole-size, mud properties and back pressure which is essential to achieve all critical parameters required during product application in the field.

The objective of proper product engineering and design includes several technical benefits to the cementing job as follows:

  • Additional supports for casing against collapsing, burst and tension forces.
  • Formation isolation, which will prevent formation fluid from flowing up.
  • Weak formation isolation which will prevent formation fluids from flowing into other formation up hole and fracturing the formation.
  • Production formation isolation which provide isolation of hydrocarbon bearing formations from water bearing formations.

Quality Management

ASTA commitment to quality standard is demonstrated thru the implementation of Quality Management System and API product specification standard. ASTA is an American Petroleum Institute - API registered and accredited firm which comply with world-wide quality standard and specification.

Asta Products

Asta main product lines range from primary cementing equipment such as casing centralizer, float equipment and plugs to additional drilling supplies including valves and rubber products. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Asta has built up the required expertise, know-how and...