Stop Collar

ASTA stop collars are designed to be installed at both lead and tail of the centralizer bends to hold out its body. Our product line includes Bolt and Screw Latch-On type and Slip-On and Beveled Slip-On Type. ASTA stop collar features quick and easy installation and guarantees maximum holding force with minimum indentation on the casing.

Latch on Screw Type

ASTA Latch On Screw type Stop Collar is designed with spiral hinge pins driven between the stop collar and the casing thus effectively lock the stop collar to the casing. Recommended for low circular clearance condition.

Slip-On Beveled Type

ASTA Slip-On Beveled Type stop collar is designed for extreme loading application. Made from seamless steel pipe to ensure durability, and incorporated with large diameter set of screws encircling the collar to strengthen locking force to the casing.

Product Picture

Stop Collar Latch On Stop Collar Slip On